Choosing the Right Photography For Your Website

When it comes to planning your website, you not only have to consider how to structure your website content in the most SEO friendly way, but the photography you choose to convey your business, services or products is just as important.

Many people tend to underestimate just how important choosing the right photography for your website actually is.  The photography you choose will represent your business, and will naturally attract attention and to guide your visitor’s path to key areas of your website.  Photography is a critical part of your website design.

90% of all information that we perceive and that gets transmitted to our brains is visual, and images can trigger all sorts of emotions and memories which last longer than something we read.  A potential customer is more likely to remember how your website made them feel, how professional you appear, and how trustworthy you are, through the use of imagery rather than remember the words written to support the photograph.

Stock Photography vs Professional Photography

When choosing images for your website, There are a few different ways of sourcing your photography depending on your budget, time restrictions and your ultimate goal.

Stock Photography

There are huge amounts of stock photography libraries available for you to download high resolution, professional images which can be used on your website, such as Shutterstock and iStock, and these can be a great resource if you need some images fast or have a strict budget to stick to.  There are even free stock photo libraries such as Pexels if you’re on a very strict budget and only need simple photography.  However, as great a resource stock photography can be, it also presents a lot of limitations.  There are literally thousands of other people using the exact same images as you and they can be very generic.  Also, people end up using cheesy stock photography which visitor’s have seen multiple times before which can give a negative impression of your business.

If you choose to use stock photography,  as your designer to try and find images which haven’t been widely used, and if possible, edit them using tools such as Photoshop to give them a more unique look and feel tailored to your brand.

Professional Photography

Professional photography is by far the way to go if you want to convey authenticity, legitimacy and the highest quality of service.  Using good, unique photography on your website will appeal to larger audiences, and if you’re seen to invest and take pride in your own business’ appearance, your visitors will automatically see you as more professional and trustworthy.

I recently used a local company, Jon Bradley Photography for some professional headshots to use on social media and our team page to give a more unique personal feel, however professional photography is also perfect for selling your products and promoting your services through the use of high quality, bespoke imagery.  Hiring a professional photographer will have a higher cost involved, but the outcome and investment in your own individual, high quality photography is worth every penny.


Don’t underestimate the value of good photography on your website, however always consider your budget and timelines.  Both stock photography and professional photography can work well if done properly, and can always be updated if what you’ve chosen is no longer working.

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