Grow Your Instagram Organically With These Simple Tips

Instagram’s feature has 300 million daily active users and is currently ranked in the Top 5 of the 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites, alongside the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

With that in mind, are you utilising your account to the best of it’s ability? Follow these top tips to ensure you are doing all you can to promote yourself or your business:

Consistency is key

Be consistent. Show up and post regularly. When you go quiet, you are off the radar.

Provide content that makes your followers want MORE

You want to provide fun, informative, useful content. Keep captions short and snappy. Ask your followers open questions and use emoji’s where possible. You want your captions to POP!

Be ‘On Brand’

Keep your posts to a set theme / brand / style. When a potential client visits your page, you want it to look as consistent and asthetically pleasing as possible. When it does, you will get that follow, like, potential new client.

Engage, engage engage!

Engagement is power. ‘Like’ and comment on accounts that interest you, and especially the accounts of potential clients. They need to know you exist. If you hit ‘like’ or make a comment, you are putting yourself in front of that person that would have potentially never found you in the growing sea of users. It is well worth investing time in this.


Instagram allow us to use up to 30 #Hashtags per post. Use them all! If you are unsure of what hashtags to use, see what your competitors are using or Google will be able to help.

Instagram Stories

People love to get you know who YOU are. Keep your followers entertained and up to date with little snapshots of your working day and life. They like to know you are a normal person and it helps them to relate to you, feel connected to you and potentially invest in your service or your product.


Go on – have a stalk! Check out your competitor’s pages. How many followers do they have? What hashtags are they using? What are they doing right? Take a tip or two from them.

Last but not least

Have fun and enjoy it!


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